White Collar Criminal Defense

In do-or-die situations, experience matters. With a team that includes two former U.S. attorneys, three former assistant U.S. attorneys and a former U.S. senator, our lawyers know firsthand how the government investigates and prosecutes white collar crime. That insider knowledge is invaluable when defending corporations and individuals who are the targets of these investigations.

Our most successful client outcomes are those that never make the headlines — the matters that get resolved without charges being brought and without any reputational damage.

Should a government investigation move forward, we respond to inquiries and subpoenas, and counsel clients on conflicts, privilege, document retention and insurance coverage matters. Criminal and regulatory investigations can trigger parallel civil proceedings; our team litigates related actions, including investor, customer, competitor and class action litigation.

If there is an indictment, we first aggressively seek a dismissal. We quickly gather all evidence that demonstrates a lack of criminal intent or other intentional wrongdoing to show the government’s attorneys the challenges they will face in making their case. And our advocacy is effective.

Our experience includes investigations initiated by U.S. government agencies with varying jurisdictions, including the DOJ, FBI, IRS and EPA, as well as U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Health and Human Services, the Department of Defense and various inspectors general. We are hired to handle investigations by state attorneys general and state regulatory agencies. We also represent clients in securities-related compliance investigations by the SEC, FINRA and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Many large corporations, publicly traded companies, and healthcare entities, in particular, as well as executives, public officials and other individuals have sought our counsel when facing investigation by federal and state agencies.

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