Employment & ERISA Litigation

Companies facing complex, high-profile employment disputes have a lot on the line. In addition to financial exposure, a business needs to be concerned about its reputation with the public, its workforce and its customers. Litigating these disputes requires both a delicate touch and an aggressive stance, which is why employers nationwide rely on Dowd Bennett to defend their most serious employment and ERISA-related lawsuits.

Our litigators defend companies in class actions and against individual claims of discrimination, harassment, disparate treatment, disparate impact and retaliation under the Missouri Human Rights Act, Title VII and Section 1981; wage and hour claims under the Missouri Minimum Wage Law and the Fair Labor Standards Act; and wrongful termination claims in both the public policy and whistleblower contexts.

We also defend against allegations of ERISA violations in cases that range from individual claims for benefits to massive class actions alleging mismanagement of 401(k) plans and entitlement to benefits after a company’s change in control.

On the plaintiff side, we represent employers bringing claims for all types of breaches of employment contracts, including violations of noncompete agreements, nonsolicitation agreements and relocation agreements. We represent corporations at every level of the state and federal judicial system in trial and on appeal.

Dowd Bennett lawyers represent clients from the start of employment issues as well. We have a reputation for exercising discretion and good judgment in investigations. Employers — including sports teams, financial institutions, universities, nonprofits and retailers — retain us to conduct internal investigations in cases involving alleged violations of the law or internal corporate policies. We also represent clients responding to charges filed with the EEOC, the U.S. Department of Labor and similarly situated state agencies.

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Dowd Bennett is a litigation firm with extensive courtroom experience. Led by trial-seasoned lawyers, including former federal prosecutors and judicial law clerks, our team shares tenacity, a passion for seeing cases through trial and a complete commitment to client service.