Dowd Bennett has deep experience in appeals and other extraordinary proceedings in federal and state courts, across a broad range of substantive areas.  More than one-third of our lawyers have served as law clerks for appellate courts, including the United States Supreme Court; the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth, Eighth, and Eleventh Circuits; and the Missouri Supreme Court and the Eastern and Western Districts of the Missouri Court of Appeals.  Several of our other lawyers also have extensive experience briefing and arguing appeals.  We have successfully represented our clients in cases involving significant and novel legal issues and substantial damage awards, including punitive damages.

In addition to appeals arising in our own cases, we provide appellate representation in matters handled by other firms in the trial court.  In those cases, our appellate expertise combined with an objective review of the record and a fresh approach to the legal issues helps position our clients for the best outcome on appeal.  In other appeals in which we are not “first chair” counsel, we consult with lawyers from other firms regarding appellate strategy and assist in preparation for oral argument.

Our appellate attorneys also regularly assist trial teams on legal issues, including dispositive motions, class action certification, and jury instructions.  They remain involved in trial strategy and preparation, with an eye towards avoiding trial error and protecting the record for appeal. The early and consistent involvement of our appellate lawyers in the development of a case allows us not just to achieve success in the trial court, but to preserve it through final appeal.

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Dowd Bennett is a litigation firm with extensive courtroom experience. Led by trial-seasoned lawyers, including former federal prosecutors and judicial law clerks, our team shares tenacity, a passion for seeing cases through trial and a complete commitment to client service.