Bi-State Development Agency v. STV Engineering et al.

In 2007, firm lawyers Jim Bennett, Ed Dowd, Megan Heinsz, and Erika Anderson represented STV Engineering in the longest trial in the history of St. Louis County Circuit Court. The case was filed by the St. Louis public transit authority and sought more than $100 million from the engineering firms who designed the latest Metrolink light rail extension. After 15 weeks of trial, the jury ruled for our client on all nine counts, rejecting claims of breach of contract, negligence and fraud. In addition, the jury awarded our client and its partners $2.56 million in unpaid invoices that the agency refused to pay after it terminated our client from the project. The verdict was returned on November 30, 2007. The case settled on appeal with the plaintiff agreeing to pay the judgment and attorneys fees.

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