Dowd Bennett Takes Part in Highly Publicized Investigation

On December 3, 2012, Dowd Bennett LLP was engaged by the Audit Committee of the Missouri History Museum to investigate allegations that documents were destroyed, withheld, or removed in order to impede Kerber, Eck & Braeckel’s performance of Agreed-Upon Procedures requested by the Audit Committee of the Zoo-Museum District.  Dowd Bennett attorneys conducted more than 40 interviews with current and former Museum employees and other witnesses and collected and reviewed video recordings, physical documents and electronic data.  On February 20, 2013, they presented the Audit Committee with their interim conclusion that the investigation revealed no credible evidence that any documents were destroyed, concealed or removed from the Museum for the purpose of obstructing the work of Kerber, Eck & Braeckel.  Dowd Bennett LLP’s interim findings and conclusions, as well as a summary of its work, were presented to the committee in the following PowerPoint presentation.

Missouri History Museum – Audit Committee Presentation

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